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  • Do you Owe more than your Home is Worth?
  • Having trouble with your Mortgage Payments?
  • Loan Modification Rejected?
  • Facing Foreclosure in the near Future?

A Short Sale can provide Brea Homeowners Real Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief!

The Short Sales ASAP group are Orange County's premiere short sale team for the Brea homeowners in need. We are number 1 in short sale closing volume in Orange County with a closing rate of success of over 98%.

Prices have dropped substantially in Brea, and elsewhere in Orange County. Many property owners are now financially trapped in their homes with debt more than their home is worth. Today's mortgage crisis was caused by the massive run up in real estate prices, the mortgage loan crisis, and the high unemployment rate.

A Short Sale is a situation in which the subject property that is worth less then the total debts plus cost of sales. A Short Sale needs to be persuaded to forgive some of their outstanding mortgage debt so the proeprty can close escrow. Most Brea homeowners who do not qualify for a Loan Modification, or whose home is upside down are candidates for a Short Sale.

Advantages of Short Sales

1.) Major Banks are Encouraging Short Sales over Foreclosure: One can become loan worthy with FNMA within 2 years after a short sale before they will underwrite a new loan. If forclosed upon, a homeowner would have to wait up to 5 years.

2.) Less Damaging to Credit Rating: A Foreclosure severely damages your credit rating for up to 7 years, while a Short Sale is less damaging and does not last as long.

3.) Probable Relief from HELOC 2nd Mortgage: After a Foreclosure, a 2nd TD HELOC loan is not deleted from your debt, and pursue for payment for years to come. A short sale give you the opportunity to totally eliminate such debts.

4.) "Cash for Cooperation": Some banks are now offering Brea home owners a Cash incentive in order to Cooperate with a short sale, in Lieu of Foreclosure. The amount of Cash incentive offered to the home seller, is on a case by case basis.

5.) Dignified Solution: a Short Sale allows Brea homeowners to live mortgage payment free for a period of time. It's a dignified solution to difficult problem. No Sheriff eviction - No bank foreclosure for sale sign in the front yard.

Time is of the Essence

If Foreclosure proceedings have started, you have only 3 months and 3 weeks before your home is sold at the public Foreclosure Auction. Our Realtor team of experts can almost always get the foreclosure postponed, but only if you call us. Please don't hesitate, or sit in hope that your financial fortunes will significantly change in the next 6 months.

Experience Matters

We have helped numerous homeowners in Brea and elsewhere in Orange County, and we can help you as well. Don't trust your home Short Sale with just any Realtor !! You may only have one shot at this, and there is a lot riding on the successful negotiations with your Bank and subsequent sale of your Home.

We've been working in the real estate industry with Short Sales, Foreclosures and Bank Owned properties since 1993. We've negotiated with many Banks and Savings & Loans officers to reduce loan balances or postpone foreclosures, or to re-structure loans on the behalf of the home owner... In short, we've been involved in every facet of the Shot Sale and/or Foreclosure process and we're here to help you with your mortgage loan crisis.

Our team experience goes back to the mid 1990's when Southern California experienced it's last major real estate down turn in the local real estate market. We're a licensed Broker with the Department of Real Estate in the State of California [Lisc # 01853892].
All our services are FREE to you, for we negotiate our fee with the Bank.

Please give is a call TODAY, so we can begin to help you TOMORROW. Call us at: 888-201-7066 we are easy to talk to, or drop us an email at: We'll keep the conversation and your situation in strict confidence.

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